Theyskens’ Theory

Olivier Theyskens is a Belgian born designer who has distinguished himself as one of the most noted couturier in the fashion industry. The former found his passion of doing haute couture even in the early years of his childhood. Thus, this was pursued through his eponymous brand, Theyskens’ Theory in 1997.

Up-to-date, Theyskens has rapidly forged his reputation as a designer acclaimed by the press and international buyers alike. He has designed for various names including Melissa auf der Mauer of the Smashing Pumpkins, Madonna and Nicole Kidman.

His first collection was presented for the House of Rochas, to critical acclaim, creating an “entirely new silhouette for the house”. Starting off merely as creative director for the line, his influence has honed them into a much fresh, delicate creations, praised by as “ravishing” and “nothing short of magnificent.”

As Theyskens continued to garner praise amongst fashion critics, he debuted his first line in 2007. With his association with Nina Ricci, Theyskens’ collections for the House of Nina Ricci met with acclaim. “In terms of interest, what Theyskens is doing for day is the thing to watch,” affirmed one critic. He cited, “When I started at Nina Ricci, I did street wear for very cool, young girls but the price point was for the fourth floor of Bergdorf Goodman next to Carolina Herrera. My cool girls cannot afford it.”

With this, he joined Andrew Rosen to design for a more commercial brand, Theory, where he now sits as the artistic director. Theyskens’ Theory has a real sense of the ethereal essence of a woman, mixed with edge and romanticism at the same time establishing the former with a wiser business perspective.

“I don’t think couture will die. But it should have no pretension that it will conquer the world. It’s not something that will disappear because all you need is a thread and a needle to start making something couture.”

  • 2012 RESORT

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