Taking its name from the ‘Banneko’, a cat with supernatural abilities in Japanese folklore, local band MONSTER CAT encompasses the very essence of independent music in Singapore. Enigmatic in a sense that the members do not want their identities to be revealed, each member has a nickname -Hentai Cat(vocals/guitar/tentacle rape), Copy Cat(bass/percussion/literary arts), Psycho Cat(vocals/guitar/periodic psychosis), Zen Cat(drums/good manners) and Paper Cat(art/design/alignment nazi). Their aliases represent their quirks and personalities summed up. With its own brand of mangled folk-rock that drifts from haunting and gentle (‘Underwater’) to driving and cathartic (‘These Hands’), MONSTER CAT takes great pains to craft songs that reveal more with each listen. Title track ‘Mannequins’ best sums up the band’s musical style: textured, intense and evocative.

MONSTER CAT has done a lot to help promote the local music scene, giving it an entirely different approach by using interesting marketing strategies during their Japan Tour in early November 2011. With visually pleasing graphics used in their advertising mediums and album packaging, random gigs in parks at Harajuku and Shinjuku, MONSTER CAT has Japanese fans purring.

MONSTER CAT has also dabbled in the fashion world, as they were invited to perform at Agnés b. SPORT B. Plugged Asian Music Festival in 2011 and are quite excited to be part of the catwalk again.

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