About Us

Established in 2007

Mannequin Productions, a dynamic young company now plays a leading role in Singapore’s Fashion and Media Events industry. Although fashion remains the company’s primary focus, its distinctive service is valued in many other areas like brand launching shows, movie premiere and of course gala dinners and parties. Within 4years, the company is perfectly positioned to become a key player in the event industry. It is hard to believe that this young company has developed an exclusive worldwide network of dedicated partners and sponsors including models, makeup artists, photographers, stylists, and technicians.

After a successful Singapore Fashion Week show in 2011, the company returns with Project Runaway- the first ever fashion event in Singapore that will feature local and regional music acts. Mannequin Productions believes that Project Runaway will go down in Singapore’s history as the most happening fashion event of the decade. Apart from luxurious events, they also organize fundraising parties too. Collaborating with UNICEF, the company has been opening fundraising parties for the past three years.

It is a great feat that Mannequin Productions started out with only 4 members. They have since expanded into an established company and have positioned itself as the top fashion media and events management company in Singapore. Now, they aim to share the incredible experience with the rest of the world.


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