VIP ACCESS: Hana Tajima Simpson

“One thing you should know about me is that I love collaboration and running full-tilt down new creative avenues. And I’ve been lucky enough to work with film makers, other (wonderful) designers, magazines, musicians, artists in an effort to create ’something’. Recently, I’m honored to be invited for the fashion event, Project Runaway!”

Another expectant attendee is none other than British born designer Hana Tajima Simpson! She is part-Japanese and English whereby her parents are artists. She hadn’t really got along with formal education however despite leaving the fashion course she was on, she stands today as the founder and fashion designer of the brand, MAYSAA. An interesting trivia is known that Hana is close friends with our musician, Yuna that will be participating in Project Runaway!

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“Designing allows me an outlet to express my roots and influences. Contradictions and miss-matches in my cultural background are exciting to me. Love of clean lines, organic forms, functionality and details along with a tendency towards perfectionism are all very Japanese qualities, but being born and raised in the UK I have a side to me which is freer and slightly rebellious. And when boundaries are blurred like that it takes away limits in design.”


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