VIP Access: Kim Yu Na

Kim Yu Na is a famous South Korean figure skater.

She is the 2010 Vancouver winter Olympic champion and a record holder for ladies in the short programs, the free skating and her amazing jumping and acting skills on the ice are known as the best in the world.

However, these are not the only thing that people love about Yu Na. Her fashion is always under the runway spotlight. The formal looks of her in public event have always been an issue but it was only recent that her informal looks such as school looks became a hot issue too.

Whenever media coverage of Yu Na’s daily look appear in the Internet, the fashion-sensitive online users instantly start questioning and making assumptions for the brands that she wears in the web forums and blogs.

Out of all the guesses, once the Yu Na’s real wardrobe is uncovered; those brands that she wears become really popular. Even the items are old or out of fashion, by Yu Na, it gets an instant upgrade.

And Mannequin Productions is honored to have such an inspiring athlete and fashion icon as our VIP for Project Runaway.


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