VIP ACCESS: Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung’s fashion sense is greatly influenced by countryside style. She used to wear her brothers’ hand-me-down clothes and eventually mimicked her mother’s style wearing loafers or ballet pumps, a Burberry trench and a satchel. Her dressing is that of British Menswear but she wears pretty tea dresses too paired up with a big chunky jumper over it.

This fashion darling doesn’t mind being called as an It girl. But this It girl is more than that for she is honest, down to earth with a quirky personal style which doesn’t conform to what the fashion trend is nowadays. All around, she’s truly a beautiful, very versatile nice girl.

She gives us some tips on how to pull-off your style:

1. Don’t try to be anyone else. Express your own vibe.

2. Dress for your body type. I’ve got skinny legs so when I was in school, I used to wear three pairs of tights to make them look bigger. But then I thought, heck it, it doesn’t matter.

3. Invest in classic pieces that will last you a long time. Don’t be frivolous.

4. Have fun with fashion. Be playful and experiment and do your own thing.

Former model, DJ and Mulberry muse Alexa Chung will be in Singapore on February 29, 2012 to guest on Mannequin Productions’ Project Runaway.


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